VezzDesign is an international group that deals with the development and implementation of projects aimed at the sector of the constructions of hotel, residential, industrial and hospital complexes. The group began to develop its expertise in 1998 and expanded into the territories of the Middle East and North Africa where it has a branch in Algeria.

The mission of our group is the internationalisation of Made in Italy as a global concept in the development of projects based on undisputed quality and originality of design, the attention to and choice of materials, combined with meticulous and impeccable installation.

VezzDesign's goal is to translate the idea of each client into projects characterised by a personality and by an originality that identify the relevant need.

Advice therefore becomes fundamental to merge the needs of the client with the expectations of the market and to obtain as the result a satisfactory and profitable project.

Hotels, factories, clinics or real estate promotion interventions have in common the need to achieve profitability that is satisfactory for investors but at the same time that is contemporary with a distinguishable style that represents the client.

Style and design are therefore the attraction for the most profitable investments and VezzDesign implements this.

As such, we also create dreams for individuals seeking to build their villa of lifetime, with all the very latest construction technologies and digital tools, to make the daily relaxation of business people a comfortable experience.