Italian Interior Design Days - Berlino

From 9 to 15 December, VezzDesign will be taking part at the virtual Exhibition of the Italian Contract in Berlino.

Visit our stand!

VezzDesign arrives in the Arab Emirates!

A business trip rich in meetings and comparisons.<span '="" style="font-variant-ligatures: normal;font-variant-caps: normal; orphans: 2;text-align:start;white-space:pre-wrap;widows: 2;-webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; word-spacing:0px" id="s2_3">. New opportunities with Arab countries take shape!

VezzDesign New JIACC Member!

We are pleased to inform you that VezzDesign has joined JIACC!

A new membership that will allow us to open new horizons and consolidate new businesses in Arab countries.

Mosaic Terrace in Algeria

Our team continues with the laying of marble for the Mosaic Terrace in Algeria!

JULY 2019
Inauguration of Thalassotherapie!

Finally operating the Thalassotherapie in Sidi-Fredj, with our supply of tiles!

APRIL 2019
Gypsium Board factory

Here we go! The machines have also been installed.

APRIL 2019
Salone del Mobile 2019

VezzDesign is always looking for new suppliers.. Also this year the Salone del Mobile has brought great opportunities!

Thalassotherapy in Sidi-Fredj

Part of our supply of tiles has been staid! The works of the Thalassotherapy in Sidi-Fredj continue..

Gypsium Board factory

Here that our factory in Algeria takes more and more form! Soon the installation of the machineries..

VezzDesign has moved!

New 140 sq.m. premises just outside the city of Crema, where design, technology and functionality come together to create a space that is comfortable and modern. All of this is guided by the Architect Simone Micheli.

APRIL 2018
Work In Progress

The flooring of the Thalassotherapie has been created! VezzDesign was chosen to supply over 40,000 square meters of tiles for the Thalassotherapie in Sidi-Fredj, Algeria. The cladding of internal walls, indoor and outdoor pools and floors has been completed: a prestigious and exclusive project is increasingly taking shape.